What makes SpyAware different from other security apps?

Our primary goal is to give you transparency about your Android phone’s activity. SpyAware provides Who, What, Where, and When info about the data that is being pirated from your phone, from the apps that you download, and from the apps that came with your phone.

Other security apps focus on the permissions for the apps that you download, but SpyAware looks at the whole picture to protect you and your data.

Why do you charge for SpyAware?

Most free apps surreptitiously use or sell your data in exchange for your use of the app. SpyAware does not take your information and sell it to data brokers or advertisers.

We believe in honest transactions: we give you the ability to see all the activity on your Android phone and learn how to minimize it in exchange for a small fee that goes toward our development costs.

(And our Free version, which includes some of that functionality, is truly free. No strings attached.)

Why should I upgrade to the Pro version?

While our Free version tells you all about the apps that are using your private information, our Pro version takes it further, telling you exactly where your information is going and showing you how to restrict the outflow.

Does SpyAware take and use my data like other security apps?

Absolutely not.

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