Your smartphone monitors you – it reports to strangers on nearly everything you do.

Apps come with your phone. You download more. You assume that they are beneficial, benign and secure. They connect you with your friends; allow you to search the Internet, share thoughts and pictures, find addresses, network with future employers. Even provide security.

You know Apps take information but you assume they only took what they need, when they need it - that they just use it to provide you a service. You assume they protect the information once they take it. Unfortunately, this often isn’t true.

App makers harvest your private information for sale on the open market. This market is fueled by anonymous data brokers, who have created a “Wild Wild West” that costs you money and exploits your privacy. Your phone continuously uploads your most private information to strangers even when it’s idle: texts, phone calls, photos, contacts, location, speed and direction of travel, browser history, and more.

We believe that it doesn’t have to be this bad. That you should be able to trust your phone again. That the data captured and created by your smartphone belongs to you, and you should control if and when it gets shared and with whom. That you should be notified when your data is taken and if it is used for a purpose you didn’t intend. That you should have a say in the sale of your private information.

You deserve better. All we offer is the truth—nothing more.

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