Do you know where your mobile data is going and why companies want to be able to collect it at will?

This article asks what a future of unfettered data mining might look like.

“Big data is no different from gold; it is firstly, and ultimately, a commodity”

Companies across the world are investing in innovative new ways to collect your data. Why? Because as valuable as the goods and services are that are being sold, selling your data adds a hefty profit margin on top.

We hear many optimistic views about big data in our future. But is it all as rosy as the companies collecting that information make it out to be?

To help this dream of the future to come true, companies are erasing the very concept of privacy. In fact, we may be entering an era of ‘data colonialism’. This is already becoming a fact in many third world countries.

Could it become a reality in first world nations, also? Is it already?

Please read the article and let us know what you think.