Today we announced a new upgrade to the SpyAware app and now it’s easier to know which apps are transmitting your data, how much data is taken, and where data is being sent without your knowledge. Download the app in the Google Play Store.

We’re excited to report that the new version is now free, includes live notifications of specific threats for a user’s device and apps, and makes it easier to investigate where apps are sending data throughout the world.

If you’d like to defend your privacy and shed some light on the commonly-used, Wild West mobile data mining practices of most mobile apps today, including sweeping up data from a cell phone without your knowledge, then SpyAware is the app for you.

Key Features:

  • Get notifications when an app takes a large amount of data, uses your location, or otherwise becomes unusually active, including if an app is uploading an unusual amount of data while your phone is idle.
  • Get a complete map of all of the locations to which your data was sent, whether to a server in your country or a distant server outside of it. Clicking a data point lets you see which apps sent information to that server.
  • Receive reports of what apps have done with your data. See which apps are taking the most data and filter by different types of activities.
  • Know when apps are requesting a high number of intrusive permissions.
  • Take action if an app is behaving badly. We’ve even made it easy to report violators to the FCC, but also ask you to help quickly spread news of data violations across social media channels to drive public awareness and pressure apps to change their policies. You can also write evidence-based app reviews of privacy violations in Google Play. If no one listens, perhaps they’ll start listening when you delete the app from your phone until your concerns are addressed!

We’re so happy that we’ve been able to make it free

For anyone who paid for our previous version, let us pay you back…PLEASE email us through our web site at We have no other way to notify you, so please reach out!

Please help spread the word!


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