Screen capture from SpyAware showing where data was sent by Leo Privacy Guard. The user’s location was also recorded 7 times while phone was idle.

Welcome to our new “Data Piracy in Action” blog series where we will highlight suspicious data activities and seek answers from apps that take information from people’s phones.

Our first data piracy question goes to Leo Privacy Guard. We have noticed Leo Privacy Guard, a security product in the Google Play store, is accessing location information and making network connections to China and Singapore.

The simple question that our users want to know is… Why?  How does this benefit users? Here is their privacy policy.

Please help us determine if it’s piracy or a legitimate use of consumer data.

Our software is always acting in the background to catch data piracy and we’ll notify you when something is wrong. But, if you see an app behaving badly and have specific questions, take a screenshot and email it to us. We’ll work to get to the bottom of it quickly!

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